July 28, 2018
7 months and 14 days left
until our celebration.

Hey Hey Hey,

It's Family Reunion Time Again!  The 2016 Family Reunion will be held in Oklahoma City, in the prestigious Bricktown.  Our 2016 theme is " It's A Family Thang", family is what it's all about.  Our celebration comes around every two years, so please let's continue to make an effort to show our face in the place for all to see. 

We hope all is well and everyone has had an exciting 2 years since our last get together.  If you have any suggestions on what would make our family reunion a success, please let us know and please help make this 2016 Family Reunion complete, by joining us.

Please spread the word about our 2016 Family Reunion Celebration and don't forget to register and pay your fees early.  May GOD continue to bless and keep the Scruggs Family united as one!

Your Family Reunion Committee,


Rena, Darshall, Ava, Calvin, Tim & Torya


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